Come Out and Let's Play Some DARTS!!

The Steel and Soft tip leagues are picking back up and with the current leagues ending soon we will be needing more players to join and form new teams. Darts can be a great time to hang out and have fun without spending a lot. We will be forming new teams around January and would like to see some new teams and sponsoring bars participating. If your interested in putting together a team or maybe sponsoring one, just keep an eye out here for more information. ​​

The OMDA Steel Tip League has been around for quite a while now with Winter, Summer, and Fall Leagues spanning the year. This OMDA League is a proud member of the ADO and has sent players to Las Vegas and elsewhere for national tournaments for several years now. The OMDA Steel Tip League is starting up the Fall league right now. ​​

The Soft Tip League has been recently getting started again. With the new G3 Bullshooter dartboards from Arachnid supplied by Kinney Amusement to several bars around town. We recently added a few more locations to the expanding list. These electronic boards are capable of playing online against anyone in the world and keep player stats and ranks and they can even be used in online tournament play. The current league is using Pearl Vodka to help sponsor and coordinate the league and occasional tournaments.